Tuesday Mail day

I’ve been postie stalking for a week or so now, desperately waiting for these to arrive.  Some lovely fabric for my lounge pants

and these patterns on sale for US$ 2.99 each a few weeks ago

Interestingly, the man is not so keen on my newfound  clothes sewing interest, and rolled his eyes at these purchases.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Mail day

  1. great patterns! I have also picked up a couple of new ones over the past week, with the half-price sale that one of those large crafty chain stores has had on.
    And the fabric is so pretty!

  2. ohhh you got some lovely bargains there! i have that simplicity 2892 top pattern and it turned out beautifully but is a bit big so wore it as a post baby top!

    I have a huge pattern addiction, so bad that I have 1 huge 55L plastic tub devoted to patterns and that was after my big clearout last year!

    thanks for your nice words on my market stall, my top came from manly markets, there is a lady there with a store called lilli and you can wear it 8 ways! from memory was about $60 and is really pretty with jeans!!!

  3. Pretty fabric, those will be some gorgeous lounge pants!

    Strange that the man is not so keen on your new love for garment sewing. Maybe if you throw in some lingerie sewing he will be more enthousiastic? 😉

    Great patterns. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with them!

  4. Go Rachel! I can see your garment making confidence is growing 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished items.

    Funnily enough, I know a man just like yours………………….

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