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Yet another new skirt

Surely y’all know I love to make skirts, or that at the moment they’re the item I’m brave enough to make.  Anyway I finished my Wiksten tulip skirt on Saturday, it’s yet to be worn out of the house though.

I am so happy with it, the finish is really neat, and the denim is so soft.  I worked really hard on the top-stitching and I think its pretty straight.  I used top-stitching thread rather than regular,  and boy does it play around with the tension.  I also used gorgeous vintage buttons which I picked up here.

To set the record straight so far I have attempted a couple of tops.   This one after seeing Sandra’s version, I made it too big and out of this awful filmy fabric that swished all over the place.  I’m going to try it again in a jersey next, perhaps I’m a sucker for punishment.  And I also made a smashing smock.  I always seem to overestimate my top size.  Hopefully soon I’ll have a finished top to show.  Your only likely to see it though, if it  is a. really good, or b. so bad its funny.


ps. The magazine and pattern were very generously loaned to me by Bron and Suzy.  Thanks so much I’ll get your magazines back to you both in the next week.


8 thoughts on “Yet another new skirt

  1. I am having trouble with the curved waist band,Straight is ok but these patterns seem to have the curve than going on.Well it puckers when folded over to the inside seam so I have to fold it all the way down so the band is on the inside of the skirt.Maybe you can help me I cant find any videos on line about a curved waistband.
    By the way ,I think your skirt is adorable,I love the tie in the front.I might sew on up!

  2. Thanks for the credit Rachel. I am sorry your top didn’t work out. I think I may have fluked mine using this pattern as it is a bit tricky! I did take out the gathering at the back though so that may have helped with the fit.

  3. no problem!
    Your skirt looks great – I’ve heard that denim is loooooovely!
    I’m trying hard to figure out top fitting at the moment too – good luck!

  4. did you get the denim from kelani? i was buying it from them for bags and they’ve been sold out for a while. If you got it somewhere else I’d love to try them bc I’m a bit fussy about which denim to sew with after a few disasters with some cheap and nasty numbers…the skirt is ready to leave the house!!! It’s gorgeous….

  5. Super cute, love the red contrast! I had really similar tension issues with top stitching, any tips? I have to say I am very jelly you got your hands on this pattern! -kb

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