Socialite dress

I’ve ummd and ahhed over this pattern for a while, so I finally took the plunge and made it a week ago.  As you can see I was very inspired by Belinda’s stunning version.

Overall I really like it.  I wore it out for the first time and certainly felt much dressier than in my usual mum outfits.  The only mistake I made was that I didn’t measure how long I wanted it and assumed that the pattern would be too long (as this almost always is the case for me).  Anywho it ended up being a teeny bit shorter than what I would like, so I added a false hem, which I think due to the fabric is largely unnoticeable.



13 thoughts on “Socialite dress

  1. It looks fantastic! Would you believe that I bought the exact same fabric at Spotties on the weekend to make a dress? Not a socialite dress but something in the Simplicity range.

  2. THIS IS ADORABLE! I have been debating since seeing Belinda’s dress, but that’s it I am convinced! You look fablous! What is the fabric that you used? Should I go cotton or something else? -kb

    1. Thanks so much Kelly, it is a great pattern. The fabric I used was from Spotlight in the quilting section, it was called blocked homespun and came in a coral pinky colour as well. R

  3. Rachel, everything you make, I want to make too! I have set myself the very pathetic goal of making just ONE garment this year though (a dress) because I need to really learn the basic skills properly and take my time. Now I’m wondering if this should be the dress I make… hmmmm.

    xx G

  4. I knew you were super talented and creative but Wow-wee that looks really hard too! You look gorgeous and i hope it brings lots of great memories whenever you wear it x

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