Happy birthday Cadel

Hey there… I haven’t posted in nearly a week, it’s been crazy busy around here.  I’ve been busy with some last orders and getting ready for Cadel’s 3rd birthday, which is today.

3 seems like a huge number, and of course it’s not, but its a sort of funny milestone for me.  Cadel birth was a bit shell-shocking for Dan and I.  We did everything that you are supposed to do; read books and attended classes, I planned on a completely natural birth.. no painkillers etc.  Of course nothing goes to plan and at 10 days overdue I was induced.  Cadel was very unkeen to come out and  needless to say they had to try every method to coax him out.  Now I won’t say much more but it wasn’t one of those “I breathed the baby out kinda births”.

When he eventually did arrive complete with cone head, weighing a whopping 4.1 kg.  I was rushed off to have surgery.  Dan was literally left holding the baby.  Again nothing goes according to plan and there was loads of further problems: breastfeeding, attachment and supply, and Cadel got dehydrated.  Anyhow in this haze of baby blues… and what the hell am I doing-ness I remember oh so clearly saying to Dan.  It’ll be ok.. we just need to get through till he’s three.  Then he’ll be easy and look after himself”.  At the time this seemed perfectly reasonable.  Of course sometimes he’s more work now than as a newborn, but oh so much more rewarding. Though I must say in a way I was right, surely if Dan and I can get through that we can do anything.

He such a funny sweet shy little boy.  He’s active, and loves hugs and reading.  He is so stubborn he can drive me to such frustration, but at the same time he is so easygoing.  Anyhow I can’t believe he’s 3.



8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Cadel

  1. What a cutie-pie. Well done on getting him to 3!

    The rude entry to motherhood sounds mighty familiar. The birthing wasn’t too disasterous, but the 4kg bubba, the poor attachment, poor supply and subsequent weight gain issues…. grrr.

    How encouraging that we both went back for more so darn quickly! Quite miraculous really…

    xx Gina

  2. Congratulations to you, Dan and Cadell for making it to 3!! And kudo’s to you for going back and having another one so soon after. No-one tells you just how darn HARD looking after a total dependant is. Kids hey, can’t live with them – can’t live without them……

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