The Boyz

My creative space…

Actually I can’t show you my creative space…

No it’s not too messy

But it is top secret..

Okay only a little secret..

so instead you get to see the boys’ creative space

Of course I’d rather that our balcony didn’t resemble the beach, just as I prefer the sand to stay outside… But alas this is the price of being able to have content kids while I work on secret projects…

Don’t forget about my Give a hoot Owl sale!

Sorry to hijack Kirsty’s meme for my own gratuitous self promotion



10 thoughts on “My creative space…

  1. What a great idea, a sandpit on legs! Never saw that before. They look like they’re having lots and lots of fun. And I’m really curious about the secret project…

  2. congratulations on a gorgeous family!!!!!!!!!! 3 is special and for me it was that keira just got that she was having a birthday and a party! you all look beautiful

    merry christmas

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