Another new skirt

Sheesh…. anybody would thing I’d grow tired of making skirts.. but no

I made another Barcelona skirt last week from cheap and cute Spotlight fabric (though I dare say its more suited to table linen), with gorgeous apple green ric rac along the bottom.  I think it only took an hour or so to make as well.

One day I plan on making a top, however I’m a little afraid of how I’ll accomodate my more than ample bosom in a flattering way (he he ) so I might wait till I have more experience.



5 thoughts on “Another new skirt

  1. Oh I love it! You are my skirt guru. I think I’ve seen that fabric and really wanted to buy some… I think it’s perfect for a skirt (although you may find yourself gravitating toward the kitchen in it, ha ha).

  2. green playdough should really be banned as a PD colour- my little one loves it and I always find wads of it stuck to the soles of his shoes.

    Enjoy the last of your creations for a while. You probably want to just get them over and done with at this point but you might as well enjoy the process as it comes to a close. xo Meagan.

  3. Great skirt. I love the fabric, it looks so cheerful!

    And you should really try making tops. I have a more than ample bosom myself (it’s a bit out of proportion considering the rest of my body) and for me that is the reason I make tops for myself. That way I can finally make tops that are flattering AND fitting everywhere, on my bosom and on my waist, without making me look like a walking tent, like many tops that I can buy like to do. So go for it. I’m cheering here for you, can you hear it? 🙂

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