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My creative space

This week I’m working on Christmas stockings (good grief) and Robots.

This weekend my creative space is going to go through a major overhaul.  At the moment it is so untidy and nothing is laid out well.  I can’t find anything!  So I think I need to rearrange things.  I hope to post some pictures of a reinvigorated space next week.  I think I’ll also be doing some destashing and I’ll be having a giveaway next week, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Kirsty for hosting the creative space party.



12 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. Cute robot! I always love the fabrics you use. And the stocking looks very pretty. Funny to see all those stockings online. Here in Holland, we don’t celebrate Christmas with presents. Well, some people do, a little bit, but Santa doesn’t come here by tradition. Christmas is about the tree and candles and being together, no presents there. Instead we celebrate Sinterklaar, a holy man from spain who comes here and celebrates his birthday december 5th, by bringing bags of presents to all the children. Oh, one thing that is kind of similar to the stockings is that the little ones can put up their shoe in the weeks prior to the Sinterklaas celebration. In the morning they find little treats, brought to them by the ‘zwarte pieten’.

    *grin* sorry for the long post. Just wanted to say: You have made some wonderful pieces. As always 🙂

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