My Creative Space… (Subtitled- the awful truth)

So at this point in the relationship surely its fair to unleash a few truths about myself.

The first thing is that I am a grot very untidy person.  Usually this works for me.  It’s the way I live, and try as I might to be tidy it just doesn’t happen.  So in many ways I have learnt to work around my messiness.  However when it comes to crafting it would seem that untidiness and poor organisation are not good habits.

This is what currently sits atop my sewing desk…

My chair…

and my drawers…

And so here is my second confession.  Most pictures on my blog involve significant styling.  There I’ve said it.. surely most blogger’s dirty little secret.  We can’t all be craft princesses, awesome mothers, and tidy domestic goddesses  as well.

Anyhow in my creative space; Cowies awaiting faces, and horns and ears.   A hippo for the kids that has been waiting for the power of vision for a while.  And more robots and lions.  Which brings me to my third truth… I can be lazy, which explains my lack of blogging lately.  Will try harder.

More (probably) tidy creative spaces here



15 thoughts on “My Creative Space… (Subtitled- the awful truth)

  1. I don’t think it’s that bad, to be honest. And being creative comes with a mess. I am generally pretty tidy, but when I am sewing I am collecting all kinds of clutter around me. And when I’m finished, you’d think someone dropped a bomb on my sewing attic 🙂 I do have to clean up now and then though. If not only for the fact that I somehow am not able to start something new before I cleared the space from the previous project (I have a chaotic mind. To be able to let that function, I have to make the space around me less chaotic. Or else.. well.. don’t what else. DOn’t think it would work though ;-)), but mostly because I have to pick up the pins from the floor and chairs before the little ones find them :S

  2. You place looks scarily like mine! Same machine. Same fabrics. Random hippo head in American Jane fabric poking out. It’s actually a bit eerie! Embrace the untidy in craft! It works for me!

  3. Rachel… you are not alone! I’d hazard a guess that every single blog person does some serious styling for their photos! 😉 I think you’re very brave – there’s no way you’re seeing my mess!!! 😉 Kylie x

  4. Oh sister you’re onto us all! I think you’re right, there’s a fair bit of styling going on. (Actually I’m so crap at styling shots unless they’re up close that mess always makes it into my picture. In fact I often have to celebrate it).
    You know what? I actually get a bit fed up of the ‘always perfectly perfect’ blogs. Especially where there are kids but no mess. What kind of reality is THAT?

    Sent your package yesterday (finally!). And blog post with wrap-skirt and guest appearance by cowie coming up next week I hope…

  5. Oh man, I always want to do an authentic my creative space but each time I go to publish the picture I just can’t because it really is such a pigsty! I think your pictures look so colourful and fun!

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