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Red Sky Wednesday

Well what a day today was… For those who don’t know a huge dust storm encapsulated Sydney this morning.  This is the view from our window into our complex’s gardens, at around 7am, and I have to say it didn’t much improve throughout the morning.

In the afternoon the kids and I drove to Spotlight.  (For those who might not know Spotlight is a large craft chain store staff by dim witted teenagers that know nothing about craft).  Cadel and Hamish have developed a hatred for the place which involves  them whining upon entering the car park and Cadel attempting to bargain with me “No Mummy, maybe we go to Spotlight tomorrow.”.

I needed some stuffing and some embroidery thread though, so off I went trekking out to the Auburn branch so the kids could have an extra long nap.  Anyhow, in true Spotlight fashion, every bag of stuffing was either opened or squashed, and as one would expect they were out of the embroidery thread colour I was wanting..  (a very unusual colour)… black.  So we left empty handed.  A rather uneventful and unforgettable day.

I have lots of things cut out and am doing lots of handwork on my softies, but I’m trying to stay off the machine until my new one arrives.  Hopefully I’ll have some work to show off next week.

In other news I am picking up my new machine at the end of the week so stay tuned…



6 thoughts on “Red Sky Wednesday

  1. Oh, that Spotlight! I couldn’t get red embroidery thread for my redwork… stupid place. My boys hate it too!
    Now that material I used for the pants for Charlie was a de-stashing gift from someone a few years ago before I’d started sewing. I don’t have quite enough left to make full pants out of it but I’d love to send you the remainder and you could use it for cuffs and pocket? I’d love to do that, just shoot me an email with your address.
    Oh and I’ve just cut out the pattern pieces for the same wrap skirt that you made… hurrah!

  2. I trekked to Spotlight on Wednesday too! Not the Auburn one but the one at Rockdale. As these shops go I seem to have relatively few problems whenever I go there and always manage to spend way more money than I intend……

  3. so funny. spotty seems to be the same on this side of the ditch too. luckily nearlyMabel is still too little to talk. i just have to look the other way when she signs “ALL FINISHED ALL FINISHED” as soon as we get there!

  4. Ha ha, I totally sympathise with your boys, I feel the same way about Spotlight. I usually go to the Birkenhead one, and every time I swear that I’m never going again.

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