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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time (back in 2004)  there was a girl who occasionally embroidered and sewed quilts.  She had yet to learn of the excitement of sewing soft toys and clothes and joked that she could only sew flat things.

Anyhow when she bought her first sewing machine,  she didn’t want to spend much money and bought the cheapest machine she could.  She didn’t have a lot of confidence in her sewing skills and was taught to use the machine by her husband (the son of a seamstress).

Years passed and her confidence grew and she began to sew pretty great stuff, and for longer and longer periods.  Suddenly the little machine that could began to rebel at days involving 5-6 hours plus of sewing.  Strange things started to happen, stitches were dropped and one day the little machine that could… couldn’t.  Her husband was able to get it working again but the machine was now extra temperamental.

And so the hunt began for the replacement….



5 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. The hunt for a new sewing machine. Exciting! Any ideas yet on which machine, which manufacturer, is your favorite for now?
    I’m sewing on a pfaff Creative 2134. Works wonderful. Happy hunting, ít’s fun!

  2. yep i agree you are pretty clever now aren’t you. maybe the machine just needs a good service- they can do wonders. if not i use a newish husqvarna at work and it never misses a beat. 🙂

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