Hamish’s new shorts

On the weekend I made some shorts for Hamish from the Make it Perfect  Little Explorer pattern.  I was inspired after seeing Samantha’s efforts, and it was particularly opportune as I was able to borrowed the pattern from a friend.   Overall a great pattern for a beginner.  I’m going to make some for Cadel too but I think I might make a few changes, also Dan is insistent that the boys don’t wear identical clothes, which is such a shame as I love the Traffic Jam trim and have a fair bit of it left.



5 thoughts on “Hamish’s new shorts

  1. Oh Hamish, you look like such a sweetie pie in those shorts and that hat! May I ask, why you were standing on your head though? I would like to think you are trying to get a close up look at your new wonderful pants! Haven’t you got a clever Mummy?

    This Mummy has some of the traffic jam fabric too and has started using it in a quilt top for her little boy. 🙂

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