What I’ve been up to:

Making :  Robots, but thinking about revisiting full size Cowie, lions, and deer

Cooking : Aioli – I have developed a yummy new (somewhat lazy) recipe

Drinking : Sydney tap water

Reading: blogs (I haven’t read a novel since before H. was born)

Wanting: a new dress like  this or this

Looking: Somewhat tidier with a recent haircut

Playing: “Snap”  and chasing with the kids

Wasting:  hmmm, Dan would say money

Sewing: as I said before Robots but I have plans for so much more

Wishing: That life would slow down

Enjoying: My children

Waiting: for the weekend

Wondering: If I should try my hand at sewing myself some clothes New Look 6775 looked pretty good on Suzy and Kate

Loving: Prawn Laksa’s and my new pea green wool blend fabric from Just Remnants about half a metre for $1

Hoping: To win Corrie’s competition for Far far away fabric

Needing: see above

Smelling: not much

Wearing: summer clothes- yay

Following: The Bold and the Beautiful (sadly I have been watching it for over ten years… perhaps I should have kept that to myself)

Noticing: That I think I got sunburnt at the park this morning

Thinking: That my new ribbons looked so pretty all together

Feeling: Happy

Opening: my new fabric from Bella and Vintage

Giggling at: Dan admitting that we should have got the chairs


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