my creative space

My creative space

In my creative space today…

more of the same really…

limbless creatures, robots and an owl.

A cowie to be sewn together.

Softies that need to be completed before I can work on some new projects….

Whats in your creative space?  To check out other spaces see Kirsty.



10 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. The robots’ mouths are very cute! And you are very disciplined for finishing one project before moving onto the next…. or did you just put in print to make sure you didn’t stray!

  2. I love your little robots – those mouths are so sweet! Have you forgiven your husband over the chairs yet?? I drove past a gorgeous chair one day and am still annoyed – but couldn’t quite get rid of my passengers to fit it in!

  3. cowie is ace. i have a little friend who has a cow. been carried around for eight years now and looks a bit worse for it. i think i’ll have to show him yours

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