Street furniture… the one that got away

What do you think of this chair?  I love it! When I was young my grandparents had a pair of these and I remember my granddad used to sit on it and read the paper in the morning sun.  Now these Parker style chairs are worth a lot of money, and look great when recovered in modern fabric.

On the weekend we had a wedding to go to in Wollongong.  And what should we see where we parked the car? A pair of these style chairs out on the kerb for garbage day! They needed recovering and probably a bit of work, but really what are the chances of finding a matching pair.

This conversation follows:

Me: “wow Dan look at those chairs.. We should take them”

Dan: “I don’t know.. where would we put them.. we have no space”

Me: “but we’re driving Kate’s truck.  There’s plenty of space in the back.  It was obviously meant to be.  We can put them in the garage until we have space for them..”

Dan: ” Someone might see us”

Me: “they wouldn’t put it there if they wanted it.  Please…”.

Dan: “I don’t think so”

And so with that conversation is over, as can’t exactly grab them myself in heels.  Now I am kicking myself.  This revamped pair featured in the July issue of Home Beautiful at Southwood Home is $2750 for the pair.

Darn husband!!!


Ps to read about previous street furniture adventures see here


9 thoughts on “Street furniture… the one that got away

  1. I must say my husband cowers in embarrassment if I stop the car to rummage in someone else’s rubbish, it freaks him out!! It’s throw out time in my neighbourhood right now and I am driving very slowly these days!!

  2. I found a very similar chair in a council pick up, at the moment is sitting outside my apartments front door. Not a great place for it but I am sooo glad I got it! Sorry!! Jess

  3. Holy Crap Rach!! Can’t believe you didn’t get them!!! I get embarrassed too but get over pretty quickly when you’re outta there. Have to say, I haven’t rummaged very often. I picked up a great pedestal basin for a friend years ago, I think that’s the last time I saw anything worth taking. They are very gorgeous chairs by the way, don’t mean to rub it in.

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