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When craft turns bad- highly flammable

Inspired by Mel and Suzie I thought I’d share some images from my copy of the Womans Day Complete Book of Handicrafts, 1973.  Its a great book featuring a range of crafts and really detailed instructions, however some of the projects are daggy in the way that only 1974 craft books can be…

Father and son shirts

Mother daughter dresses

Macrame skirt

Look out for my follow up post entitled “When crochet goes bad”.



9 thoughts on “When craft turns bad- highly flammable

  1. Ooooooh I wouldn’t want to stand with full sun behind me in that crochet skirt number. Hmmmm I think I would personally love the purple mother and daughter! What were they thinking!!! Maybe it was the drugs left over from the 60’s. 😉 lol

  2. Brilliant! Especially the macrame skirt. There’s nothing like retro craft books. It makes me wonder if the books that we think are so tasteful and inspiring today will be mocked in 30 years!

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