The Boyz

Ongoing difficulties…. hmm another whinge rant

Hi there, it feels like its been forever.

The begininng of this week has been tough on my little family.  Hamish has had an ear infection for the last two weeks, and on Monday night Cadel woke wheezing with croup, which was very frightening.

Anyhow by the time of our third trip to the Gp in the last week, and our fifth trip to the pharmacy, I felt like breaking into this song.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m tired though.


ps. hoping to have something crafty to show you soon

pps. Katy recieved my swap item for the Polka Dot Swap, you can read all about it here


7 thoughts on “Ongoing difficulties…. hmm another whinge rant

  1. Oh dear croup and ear infections are awful, you poor thing. Hope the boys are on the mend. I’m not sure you should listen to that song anymore though, it might make you a little bonkers!

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