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My Creative Space

This week in the snippets of spare time I’ve had, I have been trying to tidy and reorganise my sewing area.

We live in a place with two bedrooms only, and as such most of my sewing stuff lives in the corner of the bedroom in this chest of drawers.  The chest of drawers is covered in a hexagon quilt which I began in 2000  to cover a king size bed.  As you can see I settled for cot size in the end as I moved on to other crafting projects.

The reorganisation is a bit of a work in progress so hopefully I’ll have more pictures to post later on.

Also in my now very tidy creative space is a piece of angora/ acrylic blend fabric I bought for two dollars at my local op shop, it is the most gorgeous shade of rhubarb pink.  It might end up as softies, which will be a new adventure as I’ve never sewed with a knit fabric before.   And to top it all off my new Moo cards, featuring the banner that Kellie made for me a few weeks ago.

More creative spaces via Kootoyoo.



10 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. That card looks great. And your creative space looks just like I think fits you. Ofcourse I don’t know you, really, but still, it’s like how I imagined your creative space, with these colours and ofcourse the lovely little owl 🙂

    You’ll do fine with the knit fabric. At first it feels a bit weird, but when you get used to it (and learn not to stretch it too much, but to let it go by itself, a lesson I had to learn the hard way, multiple times!) it’s nice to work with.

  2. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! My swap presents were wonderful! Thankyou so much for the time and beautiful gifts you put in….Yours will be on it’s way this week, just finishing a few things !!

    I can’t tell you how much i love everything, the bird fabric is so funky and i love the blue, lime and white fabric, where did you get it as i need 3 metres to make a dress from for my 1970s birthday party… can you buy it on line?


  3. What a beautiful, organised space! It makes me want to peek inside the babuska drawers and look inside the box there!

    I am working on a hexagon quilt too! Wonder if it will end up as cot size, throw size, or queen size? 🙂

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