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A big weekend…

This weekend was massive!  We had a small party for Hamish’s birthday, and though only family was coming I still managed to get myself completely stressed with the preparations.

Despite all my stressing it was a lovely party, the food was great, and I think the cake looked very pretty.  I also made the bunting (in the background) for the party and I am thrilled with how it turned out.

We also had houseguests (Daniel’s parents), and to top it all off Hamish wasn’t himself (I found out on Monday that he has an ear infection, which explains his poor sleep of late).  Cadel really enjoyed having his grandparents stay which was lovely because unfortunately they live so far away we don’t really see them all that much.  The boys posed together for this shot

Dan and I also got to go to our favourite cafe for a rare childfree brekky, while the kids stayed with their grandparents.  I must say, it was lovely to only have to feed myself for a change!  How was your weekend?



4 thoughts on “A big weekend…

  1. Oh your fav cafe is one of my fav cafes too! I’m a bit of a tart though and have a couple of favs. The Smurf and I were thinking of walking up for coffee tomorrow actually.

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