my creative space

My creative space- at last

In my creative space today (actually on Thursday):

– Cowies requiring stuffing in the box along with a prototype for a new design.

– Frida the hippo who shortly after the photo was taken became this

She’s not in the shop yet, as I need to take some better photos (which in this weather could be days away) but do let me know if your interested, I think she looks awesome.



6 thoughts on “My creative space- at last

  1. Those hippos you make are really great. It’s something about the combination of those small big beasts and that lovely fabric. Perfect! 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel, This is my first visit to your site, i’m branching out from my regulars and am so glad to have found you. I’ve just moved to Wollongong from Adelaide and am very craft starved down here- the craft room sounds great, too far for me…sad…Hamish is divine, my youngest is 3 now, it goes too fast, he’ll always be my baby, cliche, cliche I know, but true…I’ll pop by and see what you’re up to. Thanks for the tips on the blog makeover, I have no idea what I’m doing so it was good to hear there’s help out there. Thanks, Tina.

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