I heart the postie

I have always had a problem with suspense and generally prefer buying things in a shop because of the instant gratification of getting the item that day.  However it seems that buying fabric and books retail is not particularly cost effective.

The problem is that I tend to become a bit compulsive waiting for it to arrive.  I usually need to check the letterbox at least twice a day when I am expecting something.  Last week I drove poor hubbie crazy checking the mail, because I was waiting for three packages (including my new Moo cards).  Luckily they were there by Tuesday.

Anyhoo I had a few sales this week and thus ‘had to’ buy more fabric, and so my love affair with the postie will start again.  I am expecting four parcel next week.

Is it just me or do others have this problem?



3 thoughts on “I heart the postie

  1. Hmmm. Sometimes I feel like the postie thinks I’m a stalker. Or someone dealing in illicit substances, so eager am I to snatch those packages away from him!
    Probably a good thing I don’t sell anything, or my online purchasing would increase. It’s already leapt a fair bit since blogging… eeek.

  2. Oh, I really recognize what you are saying. I have a very warm relationship with our postman. He thinks I’m kind of a nut, I guess, but smiles at me ever so friendly when I (surrounded by three just as enthousiastic children) jump out of the door when he stops here with his red bus.

    Can you imagine how it was when I was expecting a certain package the other week? 😉

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