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Happy birthday Hamish !

I can’t believe it, my littlest baby is 1! The last year has flown by (at times very roughly), mind you it seems to be settling down now.

Hamish has completed our little family, and seeing him and Cadel play together always my brightens my day.  Hamish is such a funny little boy, determined, naughty, boisterous, and oh so cuddly.  He has shining blue eyes and an amazing ability to laugh, talk, and cry without his dummy ever leaving his mouth.



7 thoughts on “Happy birthday Hamish !

  1. Happy birthday Hamish! Funny, I just had written about the birthday my little girl had this day (it’s here still the seventh of july ;-)) when I saw your blogpost coming in. And ofcourse I had to drop by and congratulate your little boy and you ofcourse! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, filled with laughter, joy, presents and lots of love!

    x Karin

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Hamish! You were such a cute little baby, weren’t you?! Your still a cutie now!

    My bubba turns one in December and I can’t believe how fast this last seven months has flown by! 🙂

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