The Craft Room

Well yesterday was the Sunday meet for the Craft room.  It was a great day and I got loads of chatting and sewing done.  Thanks so much to Corrie for organising such a lovely day.  The big surprise of the day came when we realised that Kate and I went to school together.  What a small world!

We exchanged gifts, mine was from the lovely Claire of Craft Schmaft, an awesome owl pattern which I can’t wait to make.  Y’all must know I have a thing for Owls (but hate birds) by now.

Also this lovely lady very generously gave me a scrap of beautiful green corduroy and Lecien My Folklore which you can see in the gorgeous dress she made for her daughter (cue baby girl envy).

Well that was a lot to report… I’ll post tomorrow about some new arrivals.



3 thoughts on “The Craft Room

  1. It was so great to meet you on Sunday! I love the little cows you make, I can just picture the robot and yellow dot fabric on them now. Big thumbs up for the new blog design too.

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