The Boyz

Oh how I love him…

I have to tell him four times to put his shoes away, but he can hear the faintest rustle of the biscuit packet from another room.  He runs everywhere his blond hair bobbing and giggles frequently.

He sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating (which my grandmother used to do), and scrunches his face up when I wipe it.

He loves books, and often exclaims proudly that he has “twenty Thomas books”.  Whenever a plane flies overhead, he comments “bye bye plane”, and this is often because we live near the airport.

He always gives Hamish his dummy, even if Hamish doesn’t want it, and sometimes holds his brother’s hand in the car.

I know these characteristics describe many two year olds, but they are also what makes him unique to me.  Cadel is such a funny boy, its hard to describe how much I love him.



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