Finally things are calm

Well last week was such a big one! I did intend to post on Kirsty’s my creative space but I’m afraid it didn’t happen.   Between my birthday and surprisingly smooth trip to Ikea Thursday and Friday were write-off’s.  And I completely forgot to post on post about lovely Lucy receiving Oliver.

My parents gave me money for my birthday, and it was so lovely to do some major guilt-free purchasing.  My sister in law says I have a problem.  Perhaps there should be some sort of a support group.

So I’m sure you’re all interested to see my purchases

From Remnant Warehouse and Quiltsmith

I bought the last of the roll of the Tweedle Dee Blooms in Jam  (the middle one).

Rosie’s Garden and Snippets by American Jane

Japanese Linen and Paula Prass Flights of Fancy

Heather Bailey- I love this green

Anna Maria Horner

Also I have been meaning to post pictures of the beginnings of strip pieced MoMo Wonderland blocks.  I’m hoping to get more of this done at The Craft Room next Sunday.

I’m hoping to make a major dent into these fabrics this week.


PS. have you entered my giveaway I’m drawing it on Monday.


5 thoughts on “Finally things are calm

    1. Thankyou, most probably they will end up as soft toys, a 1930’s hexagon quilt, and some Zakka goodness.

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