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Happy Birthday to me… and another giveaway

Well hi there! Today is my birthday, I won’t tell how old I am but I will say that next birthday is a big one.  To my family who read this I want one of these– so start saving.

I’ll be giving away two mystery fat quarters (they will be good ones though I promise) to celebrate.  This giveaway is for purely selfish reasons as I really enjoyed the last giveaway.

To enter tell me something you wish to accomplish in the next year (it could be anything, something  practical or more abstract).  I will draw on Monday 22nd of June at 10am (Sydney time) and entries are open internationally until then.



18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me… and another giveaway

  1. Happy Birthday!! Next year I hope to move to a new house where I’ll have some room to craft rather than drowning my hubby and bubba in an ever growing stash of fabric and socks.

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel! Have a happy (wet) day! Next year I would really love to be making a bit of money from my business, that would be great!

  3. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    I would love to be expecting a child next year… considering the pills and the fact that my husband doesn’t want to try for kids just yet, it probably won’t happen then. But I keep hoping. So we will see.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday.

    I would love to be able to wrap up a few unfinished projects that I have lying around the house.


  5. Happy birthday! I had my fingers crossed for you when I drew my giveaway (at random) but it was not to be… maybe next time?
    Over the next year I’d love to find a craft/sewing niche that really energises me and best expresses my ideals and aesthetic. Meanwhile, I hope to keep dabbling and wondering and finding inspiration…

  6. Happy Birthday! That cake looks amazing. I would like to find more balance between my real job, my HOBBY job and family. If that’s even possible!

  7. Sorry – I forgot to add what I wish to accomplish. I would like to develop some of my own patterns, a bit of a big wish, but there you go. Nothing is impossible in blogland 🙂

  8. First of all Happy Birthday. Yes, turning 21 next year will be a big birthday won’t it. I think this following year one thing I would like to accomplish is finishing my hexagon crochet blanket in the size I choose rather than the size I settle for. Have a lovely day?

  9. Happy, happy birthday to you, and a HUGE Thank-You for the beautiful owl, which arrived today. When I arrived home it was there on my doorstep-what a fabulous surprise! And if the fat quarters from this giveaway are as wonderful as the ones that came with the owl-the winner will be as happy as I am! Thanks again xx

  10. Happy Birthday to Yoooouuuu!!

    The main thing i want to acomplish in the next year is PREGNANCY!! Short and sweet…

    I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to you!

    It was my birthday last week and I got to indulge in a Robyn Pandolph workshop (with the one and only Robyn) all weekend to celebrate. A dream come true.

    What would I like to achieve in the next year? Hmmm, I would like to become a Mum, so that all my Maisie Dolls have someone else to play with!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


  12. Happy birthday! How, how can a giveaway be selfish?:)

    I’m halfway through a scrapbook for my boyfriend that needs to get done…Sigh…


  13. Happy birthday Rachel! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    What I would like to accomplish this year? Euh, lots of things! So many plans, so little time… But if I have to pick one, than I’d have to say that I hope to expand my circle of people who inspire me and who I can inspire. Crafting is fun, Art is fun. But experiencing those with other people makes it even better!

  14. ooooh, is a work/life/everything balance abstract enough? Be quite the achievement for a year, given the state of the past juggles! (Happy birthday to you!)

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