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The upside of having sick kids (if indeed there is one)….

Despite having two sick boys, yesterday afternoon was very fruitful as they both slept for a solid three and half hours!  This was especially good as Cadel has recently been dropping his afternoon nap.

I got heaps of stuff done…

laundry, washing up

And now for the fun stuff.

I finished this little guy, who once stuffed will be heading off to someone special.

I still haven’t decided what they should be called.  Thanks for all your suggestions.

I finished the pink hippo.

And then thought I’d try a selvege pincushion which I finished last night.

I am truly in love with it, though don’t look too closely as its not perfect.  I see more of these being made…

I have a massive weekend planned sewing and stuffing, and opening a made it shop.  Hope all of you have a great weekend too.


Ps. Thanks for all your well wishes for the boys.  Cadel seems alot better today, but Hamish is sicker, hopefully he’ll be better soon.


7 thoughts on “The upside of having sick kids (if indeed there is one)….

  1. Things are definately more productive around here when the kids are sick too-as awful as that sounds! LOVE the softie-fabulous fabric!

  2. Oooh I was so pleased that you commented on my blog, I’ve been reading yours for a little while now and always find it really inspiring! The dolls are I made weren’t from Wee Wonderfuls (although I love that site). It was something like happyhappy … Oh it’s written on the flipping pattern if ever I could find it!. Anyway i just thought I’d let you know I’m adding you to my sidebar because you have a lovely blog!

    Amy 🙂

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