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There’s no sewing in this house…

We are all sick. (AGAIN) I am so over it!  Poor little Cadel was throwing up today and Hamish is pretty whiny.  Dan and I aren’t much better.  So needless to say there hasn’t been a lot done lately.  Sadly tomorrow was going to be my sewing day, oh well.

A box of my softies was sent down to my inlaws in Bega who sold them today at the Candelo Markets along with their homegrown veggies, and jam.  I’m pretty chuffed.

I’m looking forward to drawing the giveaway winner at 10 on Tuesday morning.  I’ll accept entries right up until I draw the winner.

Well I’m off to blow my nose about 20 times and then to bed.



3 thoughts on “There’s no sewing in this house…

  1. Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Terrible is it, that when one of those little ones get sick the whole family has to join in, isn’t it? It happens here sometimes too, ugh. Wishing you (and the family) well!

  2. Sorry to hear your all sick. Especially after the awesome weekend we’ve had. But what exciting news about your softies. How great is that!

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