I don’t like birds.  Sure I like making owls, the spool mobile bird, and have lots of fabric with birds on it.  But I don’t particularly like them in the flesh.

I think it started when as kids my sister and were often swooped on by magpies whilst riding our bikes.

Then at uni a magpie bailed me up for my lunch once.  Its not only magpies though, pidgeons freak me out (honestly they are like rats), and I couldn’t count the numbers of times seagulls have pooped on me.

Anyhow can you imagine my horror recently when two seagulls planted themselves on the bonnet of my car as I ate Macdonalds in the car (classy I know, but I was in a rush between appointments).

I shooed them with my hand…. they did not move.

I beeped my horn… they did not move.

They sat there intently watching me, I suppose expecting that I would feed them.

And indeed they sat there until I got so freaked out that I drove away.

I don’t think it is a full blown phobia yet, but I don’t think it would take too many more incidents.  What do you think?



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