Street furniture

Last weekend when Dan was walking home from the shops he found this cabinet on the footpath abandoned.

What do you think? It is quite big and looks like it might be from the 20-30’s?  It definitely needs some work.  I think we’ll sand it back, maybe line the back with some nice wallpaper, who knows.  I am always surprised by the stuff that people throw out.



8 thoughts on “Street furniture

  1. wow, this is so cool! i love it, tons of potential. looking forward to seeing how you fix it up and put it to good use! why doesn’t my husband ever find goodies like this? -kb

  2. Are you kidding me? It’s amazing! I can totally see those shelves lined up with fabric, don’t worry about wallpaper at the back, you wont be able to see it past your fabric you’re going to have – LOL! I think it’s going to be absolutely stunning, don’t forget a pic when you’ve restored it.

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