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Words and Pictures- Collecting

For a long time now I have collected vintage kitchen wares, particularly mixing bowls.  I love to think about the women before me who have used them to make dinner or their kids birthday cakes.  I love that they are usually easy to find and not overly expensive, and I love the colours and shapes that you often find of them.  

This is some of my collection.  Most of it is in storage boxes as we live in a very small space.  One day I’d love to have them all out though…




Happy sunshine Yellow….


Join in the collecting fun by visiting Pip at Meet me at mikes.  



5 thoughts on “Words and Pictures- Collecting

  1. Oh I agree. You have a lovely collection and the bowls have such beautiful form and colours. As they say, they don’t make them like they used to!

  2. i love your collection – i can’t help myself from buying odd pieces from charity shops escpecially if they are pretty colours – just bought 3 plates today (pink, lilac, turquoise)….

    x nadine
    little lovelies

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway – you can enter here.

  3. Oh I bet they look lovely all stacked up. AND they are useful too! Excellent collection (I’m a bit envious actually!). Thanks for taking the time to show us! Happy day to you!

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